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A New Innovative Scentsational Experience


ANISE fragrance bar is all about you....

Why stick to the one size fits all when you can have your bath and body natural products customized to suit you?

 ANISE fragrance bar is about A New Innovative Scentsational Experience....

Read about our 5 unique fragrance blends below to decide which one best describes you!


 At the mere mention of perfume your mind conjures fragrant strolls through sun-drenched Mediterranean orchards of mandarin and lemon groves. Invigorating bursts of lime whether it is swirling around in a well -deserved glass of G&T at your favourite bar or mixed with the green facets of neroli & juniper in a perfume bottle brings joy to your heart. Or you love the scents of Christmas with citrus mulled spices and freshly peeled satsumas. Well look no further as BEST OF THE ZEST is the ideal fragrance for you. An invigorating explosion of citrus including pink grapefruit, Sicilian bergamot, sweet oranges and neroli with hints of pink pepper & cinnamon will not disappoint and as the citrus notes develop they leave lingering souvenir notes on the skin long after the sun has set on a perfect day.


To you perfume means one thing and one thing only; aromatic petals crushed and bottled otherwise all else in the perfume world is meaningless as far as you are concerned. The lush essences of flower power in a garden or a florist’s bouquet gets your senses reeling, your pulse racing and makes you feel like you are in heaven. You yearn for summer days so you can inhale deeply the rich sensuality of florals and you actually love floral scents so much that no matter what time of year you want to smell their opulence and romance. If this describes you then FLORAL FLAME is a must. A heady alluring concoction including jasmine, rose & white lotus which will surely satisfy your floral cravings and the yearnings of summer days long gone and yet to come!


For you fragrance is all about childhood nostalgia. Summer seaside holidays complete with rock peppermint sweets, cycling under apple blossom laden trees in spring time and tucked underneath your grandma’s lavender infused bosoms when you grazed your knee or the boy next door made you cry. Comforting and utterly fascinating like a piece of fine art you want your fragrance to invoke nostalgia but with a modern twist. In which case FRESH ESSENCE is highly recommended for you! Extroverted notes of apple blossom, lavender, peppermint and sea breeze all fight for your attention evoking memories that make you feel safe in a frantic world! A vibrant feel-good scent for today’s woman or man who knows what they want and are not afraid to experiment.


You love the great outdoors, country walks, bonfires with barbeques and fireworks and forest trails with rustling of fallen leaves crunching under wellies are your thing. Or you love the smell of libraries filled with old books, wet garden mulch or humid dry grass on a summer’s night. At the end of a busy day you want to rest under a blanket in front of a cosy roaring fire with a mug of warm cocoa (or a fine whiskey) eating hot toast. Then GOLD WOODS is the fragrance for you. A mature and extravagant blend of sandalwood, cedarwood and a touch of vertivert that will catapult your senses to the outdoors wherever you happen to be.


For you perfume is all about the exotic. The wonderful scent of saffron mixed with other spices or gourmand aspects of sipping creamy coconut cocktails whilst you relaxed on the sun drenched paradise island on your last holiday. The thing you love most about is that as your body warms the fragrance becomes increasingly intimate, enveloping and lusciously seductive. In which case SENSUAL ORIENTAL is the right choice for you. Juicy mango notes billow through coconut trees and warm amber with a hint of chocolate for added sweetness that will send you rushing to book your next getaway.


ANISE Fragrance Bar 


ENVIRONMENT: We use minimal packaging which is recyclable or biodegradable.

NATURAL: Our products are highly concentrated offering the maximum benefits of natural ingredients.

FRESH: Our products are handcrafted in small batches so they do not sit on a shop counter indefinitely.

COST-EFFECTIVE: Our prices are affordable even wholesale products for a salon or spa!

SUSTAINABILITY: Our ingredients are sourced from UK certified Suppliers who only use fair trade.

We use organic & eco-certified ingredients wherever possible.

SAFETY: Our formulations are regulatory compliant, hence scientifically approved & certified.