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A New Innovative Scentsational Experience


 ANISE Fragrance Bar offers a fun, interactive way to create personalised body care products using our five unique fragrance blends:- Floral Flame, Best of the Zest, Gold Woods, Fresh Essence and Sensual Oriental. Your chosen fragrance can be incorporated into soaps, bath scrubs, shower gels or  moisturisers. You can also select additional natural organic oils & other botanicals to add to your product.

Celebrating the abundance and extravagance of natural ingredients, Anise Fragrance Bar presents unforgettable fragrances by introducing a new innovative scent experience!

The process is as easy as 1,2,3:-

1. Choose your natural body product (any product)

2. Choose one nourishing additional oil to add (all products)

3. Choose one of the natural fragrance to add (all products)

4. Choose one exfoliant to add (body scrubs only)

5. Choose one decorative botanical & one natural colour to add (bar soaps only)

1. Choose any product(s) from the following:-

Hydrating Body Wash

 Consider a tub of deliciously warm water with a capful of our natural nourishing organic hydrating body wash with a mood-boosting natural fragrance....ahhh!!

Nourishing Hand & Body Balm

Pamper & soften your skin with this decadent moisturiser packed with shea & mango butters, to hydrate skin that is seductively scented all day long.

Bath Elixir Oil

 Luxe & nourishing Golden Bath oil which contains Jojoba and Sunflower to disperse in your bath, making it suitable for use in both the Bath and Shower, leaving you with silky scented skin.

Salt or Sugar Scrub

De-stress and detoxify in a warm bath infused with our detoxifying salt scrub or gently exfoliate with our luxe sugar polish....

Bar Soap

Organic bar soaps that are gentle on the skin by cleansing without stripping off natural oils. 

2. Choose one of the following unique scents from ANISE fragrance bar to customise your product

Best of the Zest

An invigorating explosion of citrus & neroli with hints of pink pepper & cinnamon

Floral Flame

A heady alluring concoction including jasmine, rose, & exotic ylang ylang

Fresh Essence

Extroverted notes of apple blossom, lavender, peppermint and sea breeze

Gold Woods

An extravagant blend of sandalwood, cedarwood and a touch of vertivert with hints of lemongrass

Sensual Oriental

Juicy gourmand mango & coconuts with amber with a hit of chocolate!

3. Choose one of the following organic nourishing oils to add to your product (all products)

Argan Oil

nourishing, regenerating and protective (all skin types)

Avocado Oil

 a rich source of vitamin A and D (dry skin types)

Carrot tissue Oil

high source of vitamins & beta-carotenes (anti-aging)

Jojoba Oil

promotes healing of the skin (sensitive skin types)

Moringa Oil

 antioxidants & skin-rejuvenating (sensitive skin types & anti-aging)

Apricot Kernel Oil

great for treating inflamed skin (sensitive skin types & anti-aging)

4. Choose one of the following natural exfoliants to add to your product (salt/sugar scrubs only)

Spirulina (Algae) powder (organic)

feeds skin with essential nutrients

Coco​a powder

wonderful skin curative properties

Blue Poppy seeds

adds texture & exfoliation

Honey Powder

natural skin cleanser & softener

 Rose Buds (dried)

red attractive decorative additions

Green tea (leaf) powder

fine powder for gentle exfoliation

5. Choose one of the following decoratives to add to your product  (bar soaps only)

Cornflower petals

bright blue flowers, skin soothing

Black Vanilla Seeds

soft & smooth seeds, gentle exfoliation

Star Anise

 distinctively shaped spice for decoration

Orange Peel

 cut & dried, coarse exfoliation

Himalayan Pink Salts

distinctive pink colour, high mineral content for skin health

6. Choose one of the following colours to add to your product (bar soaps only)

Beetroot Red (naturally derived Crimson dye), 

Burnt Brown Sugar (naturally derived Beige/Brown dye), 

Yellow Carotene (naturally derived Yellow dye), 

Chlorophyllin Green (naturally derived mild Green dye), 

Tumeric Orange (naturally Derived Orange dye) 

Charcoal Powder (natural dramatic black colour) 

What our customers are saying

I cannot believe there  is a cosmetic company like ANISE fragrance bar that allows me to customise my products with the scents, oils and botanicals that I like! The products are all natur​al and leave my skin glowing, feeling smooth and smelling heavenly!

Eme E